Thriving and just societies: integrating climate, nature and development in a COVID-19 green recovery

Date: Tuesday, 17 November 2020
Where: Online
Three women walk down the side of a road carrying branches on their heads

Cassava farming in Sierra Leone (Photo: Annie Spratt, via Unsplash licence)

COVID-19 has exposed deep inequalities in our society. This event on 17 November brought together experts to discuss integrated action on climate, nature and development, in the context of a green recovery from the pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed, and made worse, deeply entrenched vulnerability and inequality in our society. However, the recovery from COVID-19 presents opportunities to build a more resilient and adaptable society that can respond to a range of pressing risks today and in the future.

This London Climate Action Week event on Tuesday, 17 November brought together high-level speakers from different sectors of society to articulate the importance of integrated action on climate, nature and development, particularly in the context of a green recovery from COVID-19.

The event considered:

  • What are the interdependencies and interlinkages between climate, nature and development? How will society benefit from an integrated approach to addressing this triple agenda?
  • What is a green recovery, and what does the recovery from COVID-19 look like when climate, nature and development is at the heart of decision-making?
  • Through integrating climate, nature and development, how can we promote a just transition in the recovery from COVID-19 that also includes scaling up finance for locally led initiatives, with equitable governance that draws in indigenous and generational knowledge?

The next 12 months present a milestone opportunity to increase awareness, understanding and action of the importance of integrating climate, nature and development and embedding it in decision-making across society.

The event brought together representatives from grassroots networks, NGOs, government and academia to discuss the importance of integrated climate-nature action, and the need for ambitious policy commitments to act coherently on this triple emergency.


Karen Wong (, senior researcher in IIED's Climate Change research group

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