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  • A stallholder in front of a food stall

    Resilient food systems and COVID-19: lessons for a Just Transition

    The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed huge vulnerabilities and inequalities in food systems. They are highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change: to droughts, floods, typhoons, sea-level rise – the current locust outbreak in East Africa. But they are also part of the problem, contributing about one third of global greenhouse gas emissions and being highly inequitable too. Krystyna Swiderska spells out what needs to change

    22 May 2020 | Blog | Food and agriculture
  • A man walking in a flooded street

    Transitioning to a better global ‘new normal’

    COVID-19 has changed our world. To mark Earth Day 2020, and the global call to act on climate change, we ask: what lessons can we apply from the pandemic response to help tackle other global crises, including the climate emergency?

    22 April 2020 | Blog | Climate change
  • Two women walking in a slum

    COVID-19: on the front line where crisis meets normal

    It is time for the development community to rethink its attitude to risk. COVID-19 shows the need to challenge vertical hierarchies and top-down responses to global crises

    16 April 2020 | Blog | Communication
  • Hundreds of densely packed houses climb into the mountains

    Dealing with COVID-19 in the towns and cities of the global South

    Diana Mitlin looks at the particular challenges the COVID-19 outbreak will pose to people living in informal settlements, what steps can be taken to reach the populations in need, and how community organisation networks can be supported to scale up their efforts

    27 March 2020 | Blog | Urban
  • A worker cleans a train

    Coronavirus and climate change are two crises that need humanity to unite

    IIED director Andrew Norton looks at some of the emerging impacts of the coronavirus outbreak, and discusses the possible longer-term effects of the pandemic

    13 March 2020 | Blog | Climate change
  • A close-up of the virus that causes COVID-19

    Coronavirus threat looms large for low-income cities

    Weak infrastructure would leave urban settlements in low-income countries highly vulnerable, should the rapid spread of COVID-19 continue

    26 February 2020 | Blog | Urban
  • Making sure the poor benefit from ecosystem services

    Palm wine, bat stew and carbon markets all made it into the same discussion in Parliament last night – likely for the first time.

    8 February 2012 | Blog | Poverty
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