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  • A man stands on a cut down tree amid a landscape of timber

    China’s investments, Africa’s forests: from raw deals to mutual gains?

    The grand-scale Belt and Road Initiative is driving ever greater Chinese investment in Africa’s forests. But will the benefits of this ‘development’ reach local people? And will it be sustainable? A recent IIED project in Cameroon highlights both the potential and the pitfalls of surging investment.

    19 June 2019 | Blog | Forests
  • Timber tracking systems can improve supplies chains by ensuring only legally harvested wood reaches the market. Credit: Karl Ammann / Rettet den Regenwald e.V. (Creative Commons)

    Rare opportunity to shape China's impact on global forests

    Chinese policymakers and international forestry experts will meet in Shanghai on 27 March to discuss draft guidelines that will affect how Chinese businesses involved in the timber trade can operate

    20 March 2014 | News | Forests
  • Lumbering illegality: how to make timber sustainable and pro-poor

    The European Union is closing its doors to illegal timber exports. But unless we tackle unsustainable logging to satisfy domestic timber markets, their actions will little benefit forests, or the millions of poor people that live within them. Making timber sustainable requires the use of both trade and climate strategies in unison to bring about locally controlled forestry.

    26 January 2011 | Blog | Forests
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