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    Training developing country delegates to engage in climate negotiations

    Through regional workshops, IIED and partners build capacity to engage in international climate decision-making processes, so delegates are better equipped to negotiate

    31 July 2020 | Article | Climate change
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    Tailored publications

    A series of guidebooks produced by ecbi and bespoke dissemination practices support the training of UN climate negotiators from developing countries

    31 July 2020 | Article | Climate change
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    Fostering regional collaboration and national implementation

    Joint climate negotiation workshops allow country delegates to collaborate and exchange regional knowledge, so climate issues become an integral part of policymaking across government ministries

    31 July 2020 | Article | Climate change
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    Building our regional partners’ capacity

    ecbi collaborates with organisations in developing countries to train participants from the region. Our longest partnership is with Enda Energie, which has organised workshops in East and West Africa

    31 July 2020 | Article | Climate change
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    Targeting support to women

    The ecbi training and support programme aims to increase female participation in training workshops, support more women to attend the UN climate negotiations and track participants’ involvement in the negotiations themselves

    31 July 2020 | Article | Climate change
  • Smiling women gathering at COP25

    Mentoring women to become climate leaders through a joint initiative

    To help address the gender gap at the UN climate negotiations, ecbi developed a mentorship programme that supports women negotiators to engage in high-level decision-making

    31 July 2020 | Article | Climate change
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