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  • Close-up of a group of young climate demonstrators

    Acting on the planetary emergency

    With evidence of grave ecological and social crises mounting, director Andrew Norton considers the scale and shape of the challenges ahead and how IIED can step up action to meet them

    29 November 2019 | Blog | Biodiversity
  • Green economics – surviving the trial

    “Neoliberal, capitalist economics is bankrupt, morally and intellectually, but nothing changes,” were the opening words of Neal Lawson from Compass at a debate Putting the Green Economy on Trial. He described the infrastructure of consumerism and marketing that has developed under the current system as difficult to escape; a seductive new vision of what it is to be human is needed, he said.

    17 November 2011 | Blog | Economics
  • The opportunities of climate change

    It's not always a great idea to acknowledge that bad things can create opportunities – but they can. Bad things cause suffering and tragedy, but they can also destabilise the status quo, open space for new discussions, and give an impetus to groups looking for positive change.

    26 April 2011 | Blog | Climate change
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