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  • Transform culture of oil and gas industry to cut exploration risks, urges IIED report

    Report comes on anniversary of Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico

    20 April 2011 | News | Energy
  • Governance of oil and gas contracts in Kazakhstan

    This project aimed to enhance the stability of the oil and gas investment climate in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The project identified critical issues and developed policy recommendations for increasing long-term investment stability in the oil and gas sector in Kazakhstan

    23 September 2010 | Project | Energy
  • Blunt instruments, crude addictions

    It’s one of the more ironic twists to the Deepwater Horizon tale. Just a few hours before the US Attorney General announced that a criminal investigation was to be brought against British Petroleum, Transoceana, and Halliburton for their roles in the Deepwater Horizon oil spillage, President Barack Obama met with his Peruvian counterpart, Alan Garcia.

    8 June 2010 | Blog | Sustainable markets
  • Direct investment in the extractive industries: citizen empowerment for better governance and accountability

    Through our network of partners in oil-producing and mining regions of the world, IIED promoted exchange of knowledge and skills to stimulate dialogue between stakeholders in extractive industries

    10 March 2009 | Project | Sustainable markets
  • Energy and sustainable development

    The world is facing an energy crisis with major global and local implications. Energy issues need to be addressed holistically, based on integrated models and approaches and involving multiple stakeholders. IIED's work on energy currently focuses on two key areas: governance of large-scale energy sector development (oil, gas, biofuels); and models for delivery of sustainable decentralised energy services.

    30 September 2008 | Article | Energy
  • Sustainable development co-operation with BP-Azerbaijan

    IIED worked in Azerbaijan in an innovative sustainable development co-operation agreement with the communications and external affairs team for BP – the single largest foreign investor in the country

    25 June 2008 | Project | Energy
  • Extractive industries and Indigenous and local communities

    This area of work explored the local sustainable development implications of relations between extractive industries, communities and the state, focusing on Arctic communities, particularly in Russia

    25 June 2008 | Project | Sustainable markets
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