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  • Animals gather in the shade of a rusting ship near the Aral Sea (Photo: Mark Pitcher)

    Are Kazakhstan's plans for a greener future at risk?

    A major recent government restructure could present obstacles as well as opportunities for Kazakhstan's transition to a green economy

    31 October 2014 | Blog | Climate change
  • Kazakhstan's capital Astana will host the EXPO trade fair in 2017. Credit: Ken & Nyetta/Flicker (Creative Commons)

    Kazakhstan: Green economy of the future?

    Kazakhstan is taking the lead among Central Asian countries by aspiring to make the leap to a green economy. Saule Ospanova sets out ten recommendations to help it on its way.

    30 January 2014 | Blog | Energy
  • Cover image from EITI and sustainable development: Lessons and new challenges for the Caspian region

    Study shows how to improve Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

    An international effort to ensure good governance of natural resources could do more to improve accountability and sustainability, according to research in the oil- and gas-rich Caspian Sea Region that IIED has published today.

    14 March 2013 | News | Energy
  • Caspian Energy Initiative

    To help promote transparency and good governance in the energy sector in the Caspian region, IIED carried out a series of dialogues in Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan. The aim was to bring industry, government and civil society stakeholders together to discuss key issues and develop plans for future action

    11 November 2011 | Project | Energy
  • Governance of oil and gas contracts in Kazakhstan

    This project aimed to enhance the stability of the oil and gas investment climate in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The project identified critical issues and developed policy recommendations for increasing long-term investment stability in the oil and gas sector in Kazakhstan

    23 September 2010 | Project | Energy
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