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  • A woman farmer

    Women pay heavier price for big dams

    On International Women's Day, we look at how relocating to make way for big dams in West Africa has particular impacts on women

    8 March 2016 | Blog | Gender
  • Part of a collection of photos focusing on local pastoralists in Niger, West Africa faced with 35 years of drought (Photo: Marie Monimart)

    World Day to Combat Desertification gallery

    As part of World Day to Combat Desertification, view a gallery of images taken of local pastoralists from Niger, West Africa, facing up to the challenge of 35 years of drought

    17 June 2014 | Article | Drylands and pastoralism
  • People from Kandadji village, which is due to be flooded, meet to discuss resettlement plans (Photo: Jamie Skinner)

    Niger hosts forum on securing land rights in irrigated areas

    On 7-8 May, in the town of Konni, Niger's Minister of Agriculture will chair a national forum on legal protection of land tenure in irrigated areas. The forum will be attended by representatives from government, regional and local authorities, local groups, the private sector and civil society

    7 May 2014 | News | Land acquisitions and rights
  • Sélingué dam in Mali (Photo: Moustapha Diallo)

    Doing dams differently can mean development for all

    Should development be just for the majority or is it possible to ensure development for all?

    30 August 2013 | Blog | Water
  • Woman collects water for irrigation in Selingue, Mali. Photo: Khanh Tran-Thanh

    Ensuring water is equitably allocated and governed

    IIED helped bring about fairer and more sustainable water governance to ensure poor and vulnerable communities didn't miss out

    5 August 2013 | Project | Water
  • People from Kandadji village, which is due to be flooded, meet to discuss resettlement plans.

    Niger: Tough questions posed by the Kandadji dam development

    A new dam in Niger could generate electricity, create thousands of hectares of irrigated land and guarantee water for domestic use and fisheries. But making sure the dam benefits everyone is a complicated business.

    19 April 2013 | Blog | Land acquisitions and rights
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