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  • The Collahuasi copper mine in northern Chile is a zero-discharge operation, with much of its water being recycled (Photo: Pablo Necochea, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Mining: Big progress but new challenges as sector searches for sustainability

    The mining and minerals industry has made major advances towards sustainability but the sector faces new challenges as governments in the global South reassert control over their natural resources yet lack the capacity to ensure mining can contribute to sustainable development.

    7 June 2012 | News | Sustainable markets
  • What would sustainability in the North mean for development in the South?

    Everyone agrees that developed countries need to undertake a radical transformation if they are to assume their responsibilities for mitigating climate change. But what consequences would this have for the global South? Will climate change mitigation in the North undermine economic development in developing countries, or provide them with new opportunities?

    8 July 2010 | Blog | Climate change
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