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Article, 04 March 2009

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Draft materials

Project strategy: discussion draft
Workplan draft (7 July 2000)
Draft memorandum of understanding
A guide to first draft (1 October 2000)
Workplan and budget (1 October 2000)
Proposed outline for draft report
Guidelines for forming regional partnerships
Southern Africa: report on stakeholder engagement (draft with comments)
Draft report: contents
Draft report: challenges and opportunities facing the minerals sector | Draft report: challenges and opportunities facing the minerals sector (Russian)
Draft report: desafios y oportunidades que enfrenta el sector de los minerales
LRMA workshop draft: version 010310 chapter 1

Draft report

Executive summary

Part I: A framework for change
Part II: Current trends and actors – Chapter 2: Producing and selling minerals
Part II: Current trends and actors – Chapter 3: A profile of the minerals sector
Chapter 4: The need for and availability of minerals
Chapter 5: Case studies on minerals
Chapter 6: Viability of the minerals industry
Chapter 7: The control, use and management of land
Chapter 8: Minerals and economic development
Chapter 9: Local communities and mines
Chapter 10: Mining, minerals and the environment
Chapter 11: A life-cycle approach to using minerals
Chapter 12: Access to information
Chapter 13: Artisanal and small-scale mining
Chapter 14: Roles, responsibilities and instruments for change
Chapter 15: Regional perspectives
Chapter 16: Agenda for change


MMSD informe borrador para comentario público – capitulo 16: agenda para el cambio
MMSD Informe borrador para comentario público – resumen ejecutivo

MMSD relatório preliminar para comentário público – sumário executivo

Draft report: comments