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  • A woman holds a poster with instructions. Another one holds a loudpseaker and points at a poster.

    Building resilience and greening the COVID-19 recovery in least developed countries

    Least developed countries (LDCs) are currently dealing with multiple shocks from both climate and COVID-19-related impacts. IIED and country partners have been undertaking in-depth research to explore policy responses to build forward better from COVID-19 from the LDCs’ perspective

    15 September 2021 | Project | Climate change
  • People walking on agricultural land

    Envisioning a better future for The Gambia

    The Gambian environment minister outlines a better future for his country, where climate action and sustainable development go hand in hand

    20 July 2021 | Blog | Climate change
  • Indian woman does maintenance work on solar panel, with mountains in the background.

    Experience sharing on long-term strategies (LTS) in least developed countries

    IIED hosted a webinar to explore the experiences of least developed countries as they develop their long-term strategies to address climate change. The event showcased the opportunities coming out of the process and provided a space to discuss challenges and concerns among participants

    31 July 2020 | Event | Climate change
  • A coastal river system seen from above

    Developing a vision for The Gambia’s future

    The Paris Agreement invites all countries to submit mid-century low-carbon, climate-resilient development strategies by 2020. Gabrielle Swaby chronicles The Gambia’s progress towards fulfilling this commitment

    20 April 2020 | Blog | Climate change
  • A beach with cows

    Supporting LDCs to develop long-term strategies

    IIED is providing research and dedicated support to help least developed countries design long-term strategies for low-carbon, climate-resilient development, in line with international commitments

    16 April 2020 | Project | Climate change
  • Fisheries account for 12 per cent of The Gambia's GDP. The country's Atlantic coastline and the mangroves along the River Gambia estuary are vulnerable to climate change (Photo: Javier D. Creative Commons via Flickr)

    GCF funding boosts ecosystem-based adaptation in The Gambia

    Finance from the Green Climate Fund is helping The Gambia build resilient communities and sustainable livelihoods – and adapt to climate change

    22 June 2017 | Blog | Climate change
  • Evidence of coastal erosion in The Gambia. Erosion is threatening not only Gambia's tourist industry but also wetlands, roads and infrastructure (Photo: Diego, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    A diplomatic approach to raising climate ambition

    Veteran climate negotiator and Gambian Minister Pa Ousman Jarju reflects on the Paris Agreement and the continued need for diplomacy and ambitious climate action

    19 February 2016 | Blog | Climate change
  • Gambia is hoping to develop its tourism industry, but coastal areas are environmentally fragile and threatened by erosion. (Photo: Nick Brooks, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Q&A: The Gambia expects solid financial commitment at Paris climate talks

    In the second of our interviews with representatives from the Least Developed Country Group ahead of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) talks in Paris (COP21), Pa Ousman Jarju, Minister of Environment, Climate Change, Water, Parks and Wildlife in The Gambia, shares his perspective

    24 November 2015 | Article | Climate change
  • Group of people posing for a picture in front on a building

    Helping poorest nations engage in climate diplomacy

    Reaching equitable outcomes for the poorest countries through international decision-making processes involves more than attending formal negotiations. IIED works to support least developed countries (LDCs) increase the influence of their climate diplomacy.

    26 November 2014 | Project | Climate change
  • Pa Ousman Jarju, the first Special Climate Envoy to be appointed from a Least Developed Country (Photo: IISD)

    Q&A: Why is the Green Climate Fund's pledging meeting important?

    This week sees the international Green Climate Fund (GCF) hold a high-level pledging summit in Berlin (19-20 November). The Fund hopes to securing its minimum target of $10 billion by the end of 2014; a hope that seems more likely to be realised following recent events.

    18 November 2014 | Article | Climate change
  • The island state of Tuvalu is profoundly threatened by climate change. Tuvalu’s Prime Minister announced plans to switch to 100 per cent renewable energy by 2020. He was one of several LDC leaders to announce climate action.  (Photo: Tomoaki Inaba)

    Bold climate pledges from the Least Developed Countries

    The Gambia's Special Climate Envoy, Pa Osman Jarju, reflects on the Least Developed Countries (LDC) leadership at the UN Climate Summit

    28 September 2014 | Blog | Climate change
  • Ol Pejeta Conservancy in northern Kenya is home to four of the seven northern white rhino left in the world. The park is using SAPA as part of its community programme (Photo: Guy Lemal)

    Piloting Social Assessment of Protected Areas: some initial reflections

    With the global forum on protected areas, the World Parks Congress, just two months away, it's a good time to consider our experience with the Social Assessment of Protected Areas (SAPA) initiative

    23 September 2014 | Blog | Biodiversity
  • Gambia has appointed Pa Ousman Jarju as Special Climate Envoy. His appointment shows Gambia's commitment to effective climate diplomacy (Photo: Global Environment Facility)

    Engaging in climate diplomacy – policy pointers from an LDC

    Effective climate diplomacy can help Least Developed Countries make sure their interests are reflected in international negotiation outcomes

    7 August 2014 | Blog | Climate change
  • LDCs can use the example of Brazil, which has achieved a drastic fall in emissions thanks to avoided deforestation, to see what is possible despite limited economic capacity. Pictured is deforestation for the use of clay in Rio de Janeiro (Photo via Wikipedia Commons)

    Climate action: Diplomats' discussions yield four themes for 2014

    The Gambia's Special Climate Envoy identifies four themes for action on climate change in the UN negotiations and beyond

    4 June 2014 | Blog | Climate change
  • Reforestation program in Guatemala (Photo: Enrique Varahona)

    Forest and Farm Facility Phase I

    The Forest and Farm Facility's vision is that smallholders, communities, and indigenous peoples and women's organisations have improved livelihoods and decision-making over forest and farm landscapes

    29 May 2014 | Project | Forests
  • There was an 'atmosphere of suspicion' at the climate change talks in Warsaw in November (Credit: DrabikPany, via Creative Commons

    Climate diplomacy can build the trust needed to secure our common future

    Pa Ousman Jarju explains how diplomacy can overcome the distrust between rich and poor countries at the UN climate change negotiations.

    14 January 2014 | Blog | Climate change
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