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  • A handful of seedlings

    Bringing business into the conversation on sustainable development

    IIED has launched a new series of blogs and interviews exploring how business and investors are contributing to sustainable development

    18 November 2019 | News | Sustainable markets
  • IIED's annual carbon footprint (April 2011 to March 2014)

    Annual report 2014: Responsible operations

    Last year we aimed to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions per head by an average of 2.5 per cent. So we are very pleased to report that our annual emissions have fallen by 16 per cent

    6 November 2014 | Article | Climate change
  • Will a standard for social responsibility make any difference?

    But mainstream businesses have worked with standards for a long time – today's International Standards Organisation (ISO) has its origins nearly 100 y

    11 April 2012 | Blog | Policy and planning
  • Corporate responsibility: what's in a name?

    At the latest provocation from IIED and Hivos, held in Brussels last week (22 June), a group of around 60 policymakers, academics and development practitioners gathered to discuss, among other things, the role of CSR in achieving development goals such as poverty reduction and the empowerment of small-scale farmers.

    27 June 2011 | Article | Food and agriculture
  • Deepwater Horizon one year on: what has the oil industry learned?

    A year ago today, the oil industry was shaken by a blowout on the Deepwater Horizon rig, 1500 metres deep in the Gulf of Mexico. The explosion killed 11 people and spilled 200 million gallons of oil. BP’s bill – over US$8 billion to date – is expected to reach US$32 billion after all damage claims have been made.BP wasn’t solely responsible for the spill. BP’s contractors were also held to task, including Transocean, the rig owner; Halliburton, who did the cement job; and Cameron International, who built the blowout preventer. The incident highlighted the complexity – and vulnerability – of today’s oil and gas contracting arrangements.IIED’s new report Shared value, shared responsibility: a new approach to managing oil and gas contracting chains argues that a shift in industry culture is required to manage the challenges posed by complex chains of oil and gas contractors in increasingly risk-laden environments.

    20 April 2011 | Blog | Energy
  • A diagram showing how the seven core principles of ISO 26000 link to each other

    ISO 26000 international guidance standard on social responsibility

    IIED and partners produced three briefing papers on issues related to the development of international social responsibility standards by the International Organization for Standardization

    25 June 2008 | Project | Sustainable markets
  • Mining and community development framework for Kosovo

    IIED collaborated with Riinvest Institute in Pristina, Kosovo, in a World Bank-funded project to develop a community development framework and community development guidelines

    8 May 2008 | Project | Energy
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