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  • A group of people holding a tree seedling

    Harnessing the power of bees to benefit forest and people

    To mark the International Day of Forests earlier this week, we’re sharing a story about a beekeeping project that’s helping to conserve Kenya’s Loitokitok forest and support the surrounding community

    26 March 2020 | Blog | Biodiversity
  • Ha Thi Ngan, a beekeeper, surrounded by her bee hives.

    Where honey means money and climate means change

    Ngan lives in a village called Ri in the remote highlands of Vietnam's Thanh Hoa province. It's beautiful. Everywhere you look is green-green-green, from the forested limestone mountains that look like the humps of long dead dragons to the flat sheets of emerald rice fields that shimmer in the sun.

    21 April 2012 | Blog | Climate change
  • Vietnam: Mangroves break waves and help the people of Dai Hop Commune break even

    Well-fed women smile out from under their hats as they pull in their catch of fish, shrimp and crabs from the mangrove forest. The simple images are in an educational booklet on the benefits of mangroves, with tips on how to grow seedlings.

    17 April 2012 | Blog | Climate change
  • 5-step guide to help farmers evaluate agriculture’s hidden heroes

    Smallholder farmers will soon be better able to weigh up the cost and benefits of adopting new practices that support some of the most overlooked contributors to global food security — the insects and other animals that pollinate their crops and boost yields.

    6 March 2012 | News | Biodiversity
  • When we care for it...preserving cultural and spiritual values of forests

    Everywhere in the world people care for and try to preserve the things they value.What is considered valuable is relative to the socio-cultural context, and often things that are of great significance and deeply precious for some individuals and groups are not for others. There are things and places that are priceless because they refer to our identity and our sense of being and belonging.

    12 July 2011 | Blog | Forests
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