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  • Pope Francis met with indigenous leaders, including Yesica Patiachi who is from the Harakbut people, one of the three main ethnic groups in the Madre de Dios region (Photo: Presidencia Perú, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    On pilgrimage in Madre de Dios: starting a journey to sustainable artisanal mining

    Pope Francis condemned threats to the Amazon's peoples and forests when he visited Peru. After the world's media has moved on, what next for those working to improve the artisanal mining sector?

    7 February 2018 | Blog | Biodiversity
  • Mother Brazil: a way forward for the rainforest?

    Dubbed “mother of the nation”, Dilma Rousseff was elected as Brazil’s first female president this month. But this has been an election of two women. Taking the reins at a time of increasing growth, prosperity, and public works expansion in Brazil, will one woman’s touch alone be enough to bring new ways of combating destruction of the Amazon?

    29 November 2010 | Blog | Climate change
  • Was 'Avatar' good for indigenous people?

    The Dongria Kondh, Xikrin Kayapo, and Penan peoples have a lot in common. Not only are they all indigenous groups facing potentially damaging extractive and energy projects on their tribal land, they also share the dubious distinction of being compared to some quirky blue hominids from a certain Hollywood blockbuster. Just a casual Google search for ‘real life avatar’ will reveal a slew of articles arguing that indigenous groups across the world are nothing less than the real life versions of the Na´vi, with harmonious relationships with nature and exotic tribal costumes to boot.

    4 November 2010 | Blog | Natural resource management
  • Did the bankers do the Amazon a favour?

    Deforestation rates in Brazil nearly halved recently — the largest fall in two decades. Not bad for the country that, back in the 20th century, was so often portrayed in the media as losing a chunk of rainforest ‘the size of Wales’. That’s just one example of how the impacts of recession on the environment can tell us an awful lot about the way our economy works.

    22 February 2010 | Blog | Economics
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