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  • Man smiling broadly holds up to the camera a fragment of gold between his thumb and finger

    Artisanal and small-scale mining in Honduras: fostering responsible practices and supply chains

    The Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) and IIED are hosting an event at the 15th OECD Forum on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains exploring the potential and challenges of artisanal and small-scale mining in Honduras

    20 April 2022 | Event | Sustainable markets
  • A group of women stand and sit around a table discussing and adding information to a large piece of paper

    Scaling up CRAFT and Fairmined initiatives for responsible gold in Honduras

    IIED is working with the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) and other organisations to prepare stakeholders in Honduras’ artisanal and small-scale mining sector to implement the European Union regulation on conflict minerals, improve practices within mineral supply chains and improve the livelihoods of artisanal and small-scale miners through responsible gold production

    17 November 2021 | Project | Sustainable markets
  • A man stands in front of a group of seated people outside answering questions

    Partnerships and collaboration for a more responsible minerals sector

    Transitioning to a more sustainable and inclusive economy that will deliver the Sustainable Development Goals requires increased consideration of the social and environmental impacts of supply chains. Mineral supply chains have particularly significant impacts, both on the environment and on the conditions of workers in these supply chains. IIED's work on sustainable mineral markets targets government and private sector policymaking to ensure a focus on inclusion and equality

    4 May 2021 | Article | Sustainable markets
  • A canopy above the entrance to a mine. Written on the canopy is 'Bienvenidos a Marmato" - welcome to Marmato

    Mining reforms have left Colombia’s artisanal miners behind

    Following a recent visit to California, Colombia, Jimena Sierra and Brendan Schwartz discuss the impact of the government’s push to promote large-scale mining on artisanal and small-scale gold miners

    15 April 2020 | Blog | Land acquisitions and rights
  • Ancestral miners rush to find gold and platinum ore at a mine wall opened by medium-scale mining (Photo: Ronald de Hommel)

    Informality and formalisation in the artisanal and small-scale mining sector

    Artisanal and small-scale miners informally produce 15-20 per cent of the world's gold and 80 per cent of its sapphires. Yet the sector faces complex problems. IIED and its partners have published two papers on the risks

    12 November 2014 | Blog | Natural resource management
  • A smiling woman from Kenya sits beside her sewing machine.

    Linking Worlds: linking ‘small-scale’ producers into large and formal markets

    Small-scale producers and low-income consumers often struggle to participate in formal markets. IIED works to identify how organisations and networks can help overcome this by looking at successful innovations in the systems that link small-scale with large-scale markets and enterprises

    15 January 2013 | Article | Sustainable markets
  • Fairtrade – the gold standard?

    Now that Fairtrade has proved its resilience to recession is it time to make it the gold standard for all ethical produce and move beyond its origins in agriculture? Is the certification scheme that circumvents traditional market and pricing dynamics ready for new challenges in new markets? If so, what will those challenges look like?

    11 August 2010 | Blog | Sustainable markets
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