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12th International Conference on Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change (CBA12)

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  • CBA12 participants wave goodbye after another successful event (Photo: Teresa Corcoran/IIED)

    CBA conferences: what's so good about them?

    As we get ready for CBA13, find out what participants say about attending CBA conferences

    19 February 2019 | Article | Climate change
  • Market place sessions allow participants to share project experiences (Photo: Teresa Corcoran/IIED)

    CBA12: Key messages

    CBA12 took place in Lilongwe, Malawi from 11-14 June 2018. Adaptation practitioners, researchers, policymakers and investors met to discuss how to promote local action on climate change. This page contains the key messages from the three workstreams developed from three days of collaborative work, plus summaries of the daily activities at the event

    11 June 2018 | Feature | Climate change
  • A woman farmer in Malawi, surrounded by maize, examines her crop

    CBA12: Local experience driving climate action

    Malawi hosted this year's CBA event from 11-14 June 2018, when experts in locally-driven climate action shared innovation, skills and knowledge on how to get climate finance behind what works

    11 June 2018 | Feature | Climate change
  • Pastoral livelihoods in the drylands are facing climate challenges such as increasing temperatures and increased frequency of extreme weather events (Photo: Practical Action)

    Why we need to plug the adaptation technology gap

    One of CBA12’s three workstreams will explore how new technologies can help local communities adapt to climate change. Guest blogger Chris Henderson discusses the possibilities around ‘new technology’.

    25 May 2018 | Blog | Climate change
  • Enhancing resilience through adaptation: Community Managed Disaster Risk Reduction committee members undertake flood prevention work  in Ethiopia (Photo: USAID, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    CBA12 Day 3: How can we drive investment to locally-driven adaptation?

    Day 3 of CBA12 will focus on investing in locally-driven adaptation. In this Q&A, IIED’s Nanki Kaur discusses the challenges and opportunities around this new field of investment and tells us more about the day’s sessions when hopefuls working with local communities will pitch real-life proposals to investors in a ‘dragons den’

    22 May 2018 | Article | Climate change
  • Policymakers in Kenya meet with researchers and smallholder farmers to learn about locally appropriate solutions to climate change (Photo: Timothy Mwaura, CIGAR)

    Devolved climate finance approach forges new ways of working between citizens and state

    Devolved climate finance programmes incorporate local knowledge and community priorities into decisions about how climate finance is planned and budgeted. At CBA12, practitioners will discuss the different components of these programmes, exploring the environment when they are most effective and why, and sharing experiences from several contexts

    9 May 2018 | Blog | Climate change
  • Agriculture is the mainstay of Malawi’s economy and climate change is expected to impact crop yields and food security (Photo:   Martijn.Munneke, Creative Commons via Flickr)

    Q&A: What’s new about this year’s CBA event?

    This year's CBA event takes place from 11-14 June 2018.  We asked the organisers about how this year's gathering will benefit the CBA community of practice

    4 May 2018 | Article | Climate change
  • Women using the Changu Changu Moto Fuel-Efficient Clean Cookstove, Malawi, Africa (Photo: Ripple Africa)

    Technologies for sustainable development: mind the gender gap

    New technologies are advancing sustainable development in Malawi. But these technologies must be designed to meet the needs of the group most likely to use them: women

    30 April 2018 | Blog | Climate change
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