PLA 23: Participatory Approaches to HIV/AIDS Programmes

This issue of Participatory Learning and Action includes articles that describe experiences and issues relating to participatory approaches to HIV and AIDS programmes.

Article, 31 May 1995
Participatory Learning and Action
A journal for newcomers and experienced practitioners alike.

June 1995

Guest Editor: Alice Welbourn

The articles in this edition show how the use of PRA can help people to feel empowered to address the issues around HIV for themselves. The four papers presented highlight some of the exciting contributions which participatory approaches can make to HIV work in Africa and in Asia. 

This issue also includes ten general articles.

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A strategic approach to participatory development planning: the case of a rural community in Belize
Michael Warner

Force-field analysis: identifying forces for and against change
Richard Montgomery

A participatory methodology for community-based land and resource use planning: a case study from Tanzania
Derek Armitage and Suman Garcha,

Who should choose? community participation in prioritising road network rehabilitation
Nick Osborne

Villagers in Sri Lanka plan their future in partnership with government development authorities
Kamal Kar, Gareth Phillips and Sunil Liyanage

Participation in Scotland: the rural development forestry programme
Andrew S.Inglis and Ann Lussignea

Identifying and tackling poverty: ActionAid's experiences in Vietnam
Carrie Turk

Some notes on conducting PRA training in Nepal
Salon Singh and Birendra Bir Basnyat

Storytelling for participatory rural appraisal
Wouter de Groot, Franke Toornstra and Francis Tarla

Using PRA for a radical new approach to adult literacy
David Archer

Participatory approaches to HIV/AIDS programmes

Alice Welbourn

Using participatory rural appraisal to assess community HIV Risk factors: experiences from Rural Uganda
Joseph Ssembatya, Anne Coghlan, Rachel Lumala and Deo Kituusibwa

A Participatory approach to promoting AIDS awareness in Thailand
Dusit Duangsa

Participatory educational theatre for HIV/AIDS awareness in Kenya
Roger Chamberlain, Mindy Chillery, Lenin Ogolla and Ochieng Wandera

Community mobilisation against HIV infection in Kenya
Tilly Sellers and AJ Oloo

Tips for Trainers: Leadership circles
Adrian Jackson