Bill Vorley

Senior associate, Shaping Sustainable Markets

Bill Vorley's picture
Languages: English, English
Bill Vorley was former principal researcher, Shaping Sustainable Markets; team leader, small-scale and informal enterprise at IIED until 2016.

Bill Vorley has particular expertise in agribusiness, agrifood systems, informal markets, smallholders and inclusive business. He is currently researching small-scale farming in formal and informal markets, market structures and the future of family farming and sustainable commodity production and trade.


Agrifood systems, agribusiness, smallholders, trade, inclusive business, informal markets.

Before IIED

Director, Food and Agriculture Program, Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, Minneapolis, USA.

Current work

Research into small-scale farming in formal and informal markets; market structure and the future of family farming; inclusive business; sustainable commodity production and trade; 'Change initiative' on consumption, urbanisation and rural transformation.