Pastoralism videos/Vidéos pastoralisme

A selection of short videos, in English or French language, exploring the impact of climate change on drylands pastoralists.

diffa the morning lightDiffa: the morning light/Diffa: les premiers matins du monde by Marie Monimart and Steve Anderson

Diffa, les premiers matins du monde tells the stories of pastoralists in landlocked Niger in West Africa and how they have coped with increasing drought. More...

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Herding chaos videoHerding Chaos

Videos include:
Ngaynaaka: Herding Chaos, by Saverio Krätli
Those Wild Bororo, by Saverio Krätli
Meeting at the Intusa school (WoDaaBe) June 2008, by Saverio Krätli

L'élevage et le chaos

Vidéos comprennent:
Ngaynaaka: L'élevage et le chaos, by Saverio Krätli
Ces Bororo Farouche, by Saverio Krätli
Réunion à l'école d'Intusa (WoDaaBe) Juin 2008, by Saverio Krätli

Planning with Uncertainty: pastoralism videosPlanning with Uncertainty: Using Scenario Planning with African Pastoralists (SOS Sahel International UK)

Videos include:
Scenario planning with the WoDaaBe in Niger 2008, by Saverio Krätli
Scenario planning with Boran and Somali Herders (Kenya)

Planifier avec l’incertitude : Scenario planning avec les éleveurs nomades
en Afrique (SOS Sahel International UK)

Vidéos comprennent:
La planification par scénarios avec les WoDaaBe au Niger, by Saverio Krätli
La planification par scénarios avec éleveurs Boran et Somali (Kenya)

Peace, Trade, Livelihoods and Adaptation to Climate Change in Africa's Drylands (IIED/NRI)


Education for Nomads: Voices of the PeopleEducation for Nomads: Voices of the People

This video is an output of the 'Education for Nomads' project




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