IPCC publishes its Sixth Assessment Synthesis Report

Reacting to the publication of the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Synthesis Report, IIED executive director Tom Mitchell said: 


Press release, 20 March 2023

“We are seeing first-hand the cost of inaction on climate change. While many rich countries are suffering a cost-of-living crisis, people in lower-income countries, who have done the least to cause this, are losing their lives and livelihoods as the rains fail, the heat ramps up and drinking water turns to salt.  
“The IPCC report is unequivocal that slashing emissions, adapting to the threats, and tackling the losses and damages already happening all need massive, simultaneous action now. Whether we like it or not, the only option is one of solidarity and shared responsibility, where everyone has to do their part. 

“For richer nations that means not only do they need to slash emissions, they need to provide the finance they promised but never fully delivered to help lower-income countries adapt to the impacts of climate change and pay for what those countries have already lost.”

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