Introduction to the CBA14 Dragon’s Den


The Dragon’s Den sessions are a highlight of the international conferences on community-based adaptation (CBA) to climate change, with participants learning how to develop and present proposals for funding for adaptation projects. We hosted this preview event as a taster.

Last updated 3 September 2020
A woman and a man smiling.

Dorice Bosibori Moseti of Slum Dwellers International won the CBA13 Dragon's Den competition with her 'Trash to Cash' proposal, which focused on the problem of waste management in the slum of Mukuru in Nairobi, Kenya (Photo: Anne Schulthess/IIED)

Do you have a business idea for a project that you want to develop further? Do you want to update and test your pitching skills by working together with your peers? Or are you simply curious to know about the Dragon's Den, and want to learn and be inspired during the Dragon's Den sessions at the 14th International Conference on Community-based Adaptation to Climate Change (CBA14)?

On 2 September, we hosted an introduction to the Dragon’s Den track at CBA14. We took participants through the different components of the program consisting of the 'business canvas' – a tool for developing and testing a business idea – and training to develop their skills on pitching to donors and investors.

Our trainers Jan Willem den Besten and Romie Goedicke, of IUCN National Committee of the Netherlands, and Jesper Hornberg, of the Global Resilience Partnership, guided attendees through the session with examples from their work with business canvases from around the globe.The event featured the following sessions:

  • Introduction: 'What can you expect from the Dragon’s Den?' – Romie Goedicke, senior expert, green economy, IUCN National Committee of the Netherlands
  • Business canvas: 'How can a business canvas help you bring your ideas to reality?' – Jan Willem den Besten, senior expert, green finance, IUCN National Committee of the Netherlands
  • Pitching: 'What are the expert tips and trick to your perfect pitch?' – Jesper Hornberg, director of innovation, Global Resilience Partnership
  • Wrap up and questions – Romie Goedicke, senior expert, Green Economy, IUCN National Committee of the Netherlands

All sessions were recorded and will be shared here soon.

Preparing for the Dragon's Den sessions at CBA14

If you are planning to join the Dragon’s Den at CBA14 and already have an idea that you would like to develop into a pitch, please complete this form. This will help us to tailor the CBA14 training sessions to your specific ideas.

If you are planning to join the Dragon’s Den, but do not yet have a specific idea, please look at the questions below and consider how they might apply to your context.

Key questions

  1. What is the problem that you are trying to solve? 
  2. For whom is this a problem? 
  3. What is your solution? 
  4. How does it contribute to climate adaptation, to the Sustainable Development Goals and/or to biodiversity conservation? 
  5. Why is your solution innovative? 
  6. What financial value are you creating and who do you think will pay for it? 
  7. Can you tell us something about the team with whom you are working on this solution and your joint track record?

Gather your thoughts, bring your idea to CBA14 and have the chance to prove your idea’s validity iover the course of four in-depth and interactive sessions.


Romie Goedicke (, senior expert, green economy, IUCN National Committee of the Netherlands