Community forestry in Cameroon: a diagnostic analysis of laws, institutions, actors and opportunities

Project report
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English, Français
Published: November 2017
Product code:G04191

This brief study has been produced by the partners of the CoNGOs consortium to share our different knowledge and experience, and to set out a joint understanding of the current state of play in relation to community forestry in Cameroon.

The study aims to:~• consider existing institutional and legal frameworks in Cameroon (and their strengths and limitations);~• set out demographic, cultural and socio-economic factors affecting community forestry;~• identify key actors and institutions (which will include a focus on cooperatives and other producer groups which reflect community utilisation of natural resources (including land for agriculture) in forested areas;~• Analyse the constraints – legal and practical – to effective community forestry in Cameroon; and~• Consider options and strategies which can be adopted (principally within the framework of the CoNGOs project) to enhance the effectiveness and viability of community-based forest management within Cameroon, and the benefits received by communities from it.