IIED Annual Report 2015/16: Powering global change through partnership

Annual report
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Published: October 2016
Annual Report
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Last year’s Sustainable Development Goals and Paris Agreement endorsed an agenda for collective global action, bringing together national, institutional, and individual voices to create a unified vision of a future we both want and need. As energies turn to implementation, how can we overcome challenges and make progress toward our collective ambitions?

IIED’s answer is: in partnership, working together to support marginalised perspectives and delivering impacts far beyond what we could achieve alone. Collaboration has been a defining element of our culture and ways of working for over 40 years. Our belief in the power and benefits of authentic partnership remain central to IIED’s mission today.

To contribute with vigour and impact to the international community’s determination to ‘leave no one behind’, we must build on our strong relationships with research bodies, international and national agencies, universities, NGOs and particularly with our unique network of partners in the global South. And we must keep doing this better. Without the perspectives and knowledge of those already dealing with the realities of climate change, resource scarcity, inequality and poverty, we cannot deliver credible research to influence policy and change lives. In return, we offer our own expertise, experience and voice, helping smaller organisations become respected research institutions in their own right.

Our partnerships — from joining up with grassroots initiatives to working within consortia of many organisations — shape everything we do. This year, from our successful work with the Least Developed Countries’ climate negotiators in Paris to our part in ensuring remote farmers in China learn about resilient crops, IIED has proven the very real dividends of collaboration for our planet and its people.

In a special bonus insert, 'The long road to Paris', we report on IIED’s contribution to the final stretch of negotiations.

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