Social Assessment of Protected Areas (SAPA) at Montsde Cristal, Gabon

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Published: August 2016
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The Montsde Cristal National Park (MCNP) was legally designated in 2002 and fully established on the ground in 2005. The park covers an area of 1,200 km2 of rainforest and is state owned and managed by Gabon’s National Parks Agency (ANPN). A committee –Comitée Consultatif de Gestion Locale (CCGL) -was recently formed to engage local stakeholders in park management.

SAPA is a multi-stakeholder methodology that assesses the positive and negative impacts of a protected area and related conservation and development activities on the wellbeing of communities living within and around the PA. The SAPA assessment included community and stakeholder workshops and a survey of 41 women and 59 men from 100 households. The assessment was conducted in the period July 2014 to March 2015 and was facilitated by staff of the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) working in collaboration with ANPN staff.

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