Policy and Institutional Mapping for Small Scale Producers' Participation in Dynamic Markets in Turkey

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Published: May 2006
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Rapid changes are taking place in agri-food markets in middle and low-income countries. The spread of dynamic modern retailers, wholesalers and food processing businesses is reshaping the way that food systems are governed. Small-scale agriculture, which supports the livelihoods of the majority of rural poor, is poorly prepared for these changes. Public policy makers and development partners are generally remote from changes taking place within the market. They lack evidence upon which to support policy dialogue and intervention.

Research and support to the policy process can assist producers, businesses, and policy makers to anticipate and respond to this challenging environment, in ways that contribute to the resilience of rural economies. Work undertaken 22-26 May 20061 on policy and institutional mapping was part of an international and multi-donor funded programme entitled Regoverning Markets.

Objective:~• Contribute to and re-enforce the work of the Team at the University of Antalya in the context of the macro and meso studies and explore whether applying new approaches on policy and institutional mapping can help refine key questions for completion of the empirical research~• Pilot some of the key stages in the Policy and Institutional tool kit as a contribution to the wider Turkey policy processes and to learn lessons that are of value to both Turkey and of more general interest to other countries engaged with such national policy and institutional analysis.

This publication forms part of the Regoverning Markets project.

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