Linking Small producers to Modern Markets: Policy and Institutional Mapping Workshop

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Published: May 2007
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Increasing urban population and the demand for safe and healthy food have caused changes in the way food are produced, handled and sold. The agri-food systems have changed rapidly paving an increasing role for food processors, fast food outlets, restaurants and modern retail outlets. With these changes, the rules of the game have also changed. Quality standards have become stricter and pressures on improving efficiency in supply chain are mounting as competition becomes stiffer. While increasing demand opens opportunities, small scale producers are increasingly challenged to meet requirements in terms of volume and quality standards and the financial prerequisites to meet these.

A policy and institutional mapping toolkit was developed to provide a framework and a set of supportive tools that enable understanding of policies and institutions affecting access of small farmers to modern markets. The approach has been applied and refined with the conduct of policy and institutional mapping workshops in Turkey, Indonesia, Indonesia, South Africa and Morroco. Outputs from the applications contributed significantly to subsequent high level national medium term planning meeting in these countries. The processes undertaken also showed potential to develop new alliances, enhance the research work of the Regoverning Markets Program and gain insights into formal and informal institutions not captured in other processes.

Consistent with the main objectives of the Regoverning Markets Program, the workshop aimed at identifying the issues, challenges and opportunities that affect participation of small scale producers in modern markets.

This publication forms part of the Regoverning Markets project.

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