Dairy food chain restructuring in Poland - Causes and impacts.

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Published: November 2007
Product code:G03329
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"Sustainable rural development: What is the role of the agri-food sector?", IAMO, Halle 2007, pp.200-218.

This paper discusses the nature of the restructuring of the Polish dairy sector. Using both national statistics and qualitative data collected at the regional level, we present the most important changes that have taken place in particular stages of the supply chain. The most significant and advanced changes have been observed at the farm and industry levels. These have substantially affected not only the production sphere, but also marketing practices and the whole institutional environment within which farmers and processors function. To a large extent, an adjustment process at the farm level was stimulated by the processors, who have been encouraged to pursue restructuring by the ongoing process of Poland’s integration in the EU. Strict quality standards, a prerequisite for operating on the export and domestic markets, have been of special importance. The milk quota system is likely to become the most decisive factor determining the pace and scope of future restructuring, as the limits set by the European Commission become more perceptible.

This publication forms part of the Regoverning Markets project.

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