Exploring expressions and forms of power in youth governance work (PLA 64)

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Published: December 2011
Participatory Learning and Action
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Participatory Learning and Action 63. Young citizens: youth and participatory governance in Africa

Youth governance work requires engaging with power. In most countries young people occupy positions in social structures maintained by cultural and social norms. This means that their participation in governance processes is subject to constraints. Expressions like ‘they are too young to understand’ reflect commonly held opinions that affect how adults relate to young people. Such attitudes influence young people’s self-confidence and frustrate their ability to participate in decisions affecting their lives. Both authors have been involved in processes that suggest that consciously exploring the nature of power and how it operates can enable young people to overcome such barriers to participation. Here we reflect on Salim’s experience working with youth councils in Kenya, and Cathy’s research with student steering committees (SSCs) in Sierra Leone to propose practical tips towards this aim.

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Keywords: Children, youth, young people, child rights, participatory governance.

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