Overview: How wide are the ripples? From local participation to international organisational learning

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Published: September 2011
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Participatory Learning and Action 63

Do you facilitate participatory processes at the grassroots? Do you ever wonder how wide an impact the process might have? Do you think the perspectives generated have relevance beyond local development processes, in national or international decision-making and analysis?

Do you work in an international or northern office of an international nongovernmental organisation (INGO)? When you are deciding your priorities what information do you draw on? Whose knowledge and opinions feed into your sense of what an effective process or desirable outcome would be? Do you make adequate use of~information in your organisation which represents the voices and views of diverse stakeholders in development processes?

This Overview article introduces the special issue of Participatory Learning and Action (PLA 63) where various authors who work in the northern offices and headquarters of INGOs share their experiences and reflections of bringing grassroots knowledge and information to bear at international level, and some strategies for strengthening practice.