Just forest governance - for REDD, for sanity

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Published: August 2011
Product code:G03145

In ten forest hotspot countries across Africa and South Asia, the IIED-steered Forest Governance Learning Group (FGLG) has been working since 2003 on ways to shift power over forests towards those who enable and pursue sustainable forest-linked livelihoods.

Teams in each of these countries have developed practical tactics for securing safe space, sparking dialogue, building constituencies, wielding evidence and interacting politically. FGLG has produced films about tackling forest governance issues that work locally and internationally, as well as local theatre pieces, comics, and targeted policy briefs and opinion pieces.

This report aims to capture the current thinking and plans of FGLG. It also highlights some of the key impacts of FGLG work since early 2010 and puts a particular focus on the intersection of REDD+ and forest governance issues.

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