Linking conservation and poverty alleviation: The case of Great Apes. An overview of current policy and practice in Africa

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Published: April 2010
Product code:G02770

This report is the third PCLG output supported by the Arcus Foundation grant. The purpose of this report is to document current efforts to link great ape conservation and poverty reduction in the African, ape range states. It is intended to provide a quick inventory of which organisations are working in which countries and using which approaches in order to highlight potential areas of collaboration and/or potential sources of experience and lessons learned. It is also intended to highlight other initiatives that are intended to link environmental management with social concerns - poverty reduction, governance, economic development - with a view to encouraging greater linkages between these initiatives and those that are focused on conservation.

This publication is an output of the Poverty and Conservation Learning Group (PCLG) - Discussion Paper, number 3