NGOs as Market Actors: Roles and responsibilities in supporting small producers in low-income countries

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Published: March 2007
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The aim of this workshop was to bring together key players in the NGO arena to discuss key issues related to the market roles of NGOs and identify some options for further dialogue and collaborative research. The focus was primarily on UK NGOs working in different roles in developing countries to promote smallholder access to markets. The objectives of the workshop were to: ~• Discuss the evolving role of NGOs in markets ~• Identify and prioritise key issues relating to the role of NGOs in markets ~• Identify existing networks and research agendas around this topic ~• Highlight gaps, research needs in current work related to this topic ~• Develop recommendations for a new research agenda, including: ~- Identification of research priorities and key areas for collaboration ~- Suggestions for ways to strengthen existing networks ~- Suggestions for collaborative partnerships and options for information sharing ~- Identification of possible funding sources Participants were drawn from development NGOs and environmental NGOs working on promoting smallholder access to agricultural and natural product markets. There were also representatives from the Aga Khan Foundation and academia.