Democratising the Governance of Food Systems: Citizens Rethinking Food and Agricultural Research for the Public Good Workshop Report

Event/workshop report
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Published: November 2007
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The overall objective of the 'Democratising the governance of food systems' is to create safe spaces in which citizens (food providers and consumers) can engage in inclusive deliberations on how to build an agri-food research system that is democratic and accountable to wider society. More specifically, the methodological approach seeks to facilitate the participatory design of alternative, farmer and citizen-led agricultural research. Both non-specialists and individuals with specialist knowledge are encouraged to develop an alternative agri-food research system for the public good.~In November 2007, all regional co-ordinators and team members gathered together in Monte Saraz (Portugal)for a 6-day planning and methodological workshop. The workshop venue was a renovated 18th century farming estate surrounded by a landscape of olive trees and vineyards in the Alto Alentejo region of Portugal. This report offers a summary of the discussions and agreements reached by workshop participants at Monte Saraz.