Editorial - PLA notes 44

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Published: June 2002
Participatory Learning and Action
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PLA notes 44

The themed section for this issue is about local government and participation, and discusses examples of where local government agencies are using participatory learning and action approaches to address issues of concern to their constituencies. While it is frequently national governments that formulate policy, it is usually local governments that are charged with the responsibility of implementing it, whether it is delivering essential social services, carrying out civic improvements or coordinating integrated land-use planning activities. Recently, local~government bodies in a variety of contexts have begun to employ a~range of people-centred approaches,including participatory consultations, stakeholder dialogues and participatory budgeting, in an effort to involve citizens in the key decisions and actions that affect their communities. The articles selected for this~special issue include a range of examples of innovative uses of~participatory approaches by farsighted local government agencies in~India, Peru, Poland, Senegal, Scotland and elsewhere.

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