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Published: January 1997
Participatory Learning and Action
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Document begins: PLA Notes CD-ROM 1988­2001 Feedback. Feedback. Feedback. 18 Developing participation by Anil C Shah with a response from Kudakwashe Murwira Introduction substantiate the application of participatory approaches in furthering development programmes. Participatory approaches can be put to many uses: to appraise a situation, to gather facts and perceptions, for planning and for monitoring and Check dams for ground water evaluation. As a development practitioner I have recharge been concerned with negotiating terms of collaboration with village communities, In 1993, the Aga Khan Rural Support establishing the common ground between the Programme India, AKRSP(I), faced a problem agenda of a local community and that of a about farmers' readiness to participate in, and development agency. contribute to, AKRSP's check dam scheme. The water table in the wells was going down. The Early development programmes claiming the solution that was demanded by farmers was the use of `participatory approaches' often had a construction of rain water harvesting structures, fixed agenda and pre-determined targets. The such as check dams, that would recharge the development agencies desired that wells. This objective was supported by AKRSP. `beneficiaries' participated in their programmes and appreciated the agency's efforts. Generally, However, the government had previously these ...

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