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Published: January 1994
Participatory Learning and Action
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Document begins: PLA Notes CD-ROM 1988­2001 Editorial PRA and livestock development: some challenges Why PRA and livestock? for survival in the longer term. Among the vulnerable groups whose livelihoods are under threat, are smallholder farmers and Much of the PRA debate and literature thus far pastoralists, for whom livestock play a focuses on the collection of data on crop production, and presents few case studies on significant role in the support of their methods for understanding livestock livelihood and lifestyle. Development production and planning with livestock practitioners need to understand the nature of owners. This special issue therefore attempts these livelihoods if they are to address the to bring together some examples of practice issue of poverty alleviation. and experiences in this field. What role can PRA play? Among researchers and development practitioners alike, there is increasing The significance of PRA data collection recognition that the use of the range of techniques is that local communities techniques known as PRA (as distinguished, potentially gain greater access to and control often, from RRA) involves far more than a over the process of understanding and series of methodologies for improving the analysing themselves, in which development speed or efficacy of data collection. ...

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