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Published: January 1970
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Document begins: 00 Title Author ENDNOTES 1.Rodale's International Ag-Sieve is a bi-monthly collection of gleanings of the latest and most applicable information in the field of sustainable agriculture in the Tropics. Written for people working in the field in the developing world, the Ag-Sieve contains the technical information that the scientific community needs, and the practical information the field worker can use but does not require a PhD or dictionary to understand. It links the work of the major agricultural centres, the insights of the farmer, the experience of the multi-disciplinary development team, and the individual researcher into an eight-page newsletter that highlights breakthroughs in sustainable agriculture. Our audience functions as an Information Exchange Network. Readers contribute information to the newsletter and also benefit from our reader information service. Recent thematic issues cover the latest in tropical forest products, training opportunities in sustainable ag, seeds and biodiversity. Coming up are issues dealing with urban gardening and vegetable systems, women in agriculture and agroforestry. For a free copy, write to: International Ag-Sieve, Rodale Institute, 611 Siegfriedale Road, Kutztown, PA 19530, USA Fax: 215/683-8548 US $ 18 ($33 for 2 years) A bound set of back issues: US $24 For readers interested ...

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