PLA Notes CD-ROM 1988-2001 10 Extracts from a trainer's notebook

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Published: January 1994
Participatory Learning and Action
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Document begins: PLA Notes CD-ROM 1988­2001 10 Extracts from a trainer's notebook Alice Welbourn Introduction prepare and each evening you have to review your schedule for the next day, in the light of what you have or haven't covered already. This was the first three1 week training course I Every group responds differently to a training had run for eighteen months. A lot has changed in PRA in that time. I sought to session, so you can never predict who will find incorporate these changes in my agenda. I which bit hard or easy to grasp. Openness and drew on others' recent workshop experiences humour are also precious aides. Things are in Pakistan, Ethiopia and Sri Lanka (Guijt, bound to go wrong, or at least not according to forthcoming; IIED, 1993a; ActionAid/IIED, plan, so I try to be as flexible as possible and do try to admit my mistakes! 1992), as well as Redd Barna's experience of working with young children on The approach before introducing the communication skills (Redd Barna, 1991). The techniques results proved exciting. Before I arrived in Zimbabwe, I had sent the course coordinator (Andreas Fuglesang, Africa Regional Director) The more I train in PRA, the ...

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