PLA Notes CD-ROM 1988-2001 11 Tips for trainers

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Published: January 1993
Participatory Learning and Action
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Document begins: PLA Notes CD-ROM 1988­2001 11 Tips for trainers From: IIED Part. Inquiry Trainers Guide, Chapter 4 (Draft only) 7. Symbolic introductions Comments Objective This exercise works well to encourage participants to open up and share feelings early in the workshop. The introductions are done · To introduce the participants to each other; through searching for and agreeing on a · To get participants talking to each other in symbol. These symbol groups can be used for sub-groups; later exercises. If you are not familiar with the · To get the sub-groups motivated by region or country, hearing about the symbols involving then immediately in a successful is a good introduction to understanding the task; local value system. · To demonstrate a sense of belonging; and, · To show that you as a trainer want to learn from them also. Material Objects lying around in or near the room that can be used as symbols. Does not need preparation. Time 10-20 minutes, depending on the size of the group (5 minutes to find the object, 3 minutes introduction and explanation per group) Procedure · Vella J. ( ). Learning to teach: Training of trainers for community development, Save · ...

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