PLA Notes CD-ROM 1988-2001 13 A user's note: wealth ranking by cards

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Published: January 1992
Participatory Learning and Action
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Document begins: PLA Notes CD-ROM 1988­2001 13 A user's note: wealth ranking by cards1 Irene Guijt Introduction Preparing the cards Wealth ranking by card-sorting is a method to Making a list of all households to be ranked understand relative wealth within a specific can be based on a social map of the area. It helps to learn how richer and poorer community and by finding out who lives households (or individuals) in an area differ where. You can also ask different groups or from each other and about local criteria of individuals from the community to name the well-being. It is particularly useful to identify households. If based on local health records or informants from different socio-economic a census, the list will need to be checked to groups and to investigate the impact of an ensure it is complete with the first informant. intervention on these different groups. Wealth Each informant must be check the list to make ranking is best done with up to 100 households sure it is complete. (or other unit) who know each other well. Three informants should carry out the exercise Then: for the same community to reduce bias. · obtain names of all households ...

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