PLA Notes CD-ROM 1988-2001 1 Confessions of a reconstructed planner

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Published: January 1988
Participatory Learning and Action
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Document begins: PLA Notes CD-ROM 1988­2001 1 Confessions of a reconstructed planner Barry Dalal-Clayton I was once a land use planner! Armed with a "The aim in [catchment conservation] first degree in Botany, experience on 2 student planning would be to direct the people expeditions and two weeks orientation training to cultivate suitable land, to use the at Silsoe College, I arrived in Zambia in 1972 best methods applicable to the area to the surprise of the Land Use Services and to make sure that controls to land Division of the Ministry of Rural use are implemented in both the Development. I subsequently spent a total of 9 mechanical and cultural spheres". years as a planner and then soil surveyor in Zambia. This chapter goes on to admit that: Land use planning in Zambia is limited, being "the people must be informed and almost exclusively for agriculture. It does not consulted about the plan so that in the involve forestry, wildlife, water use, urban early stages they can help with the issues, etc. The main tasks undertaken by land survey and, at a later stage, they can use planners is illustrated by the chapters in participate in drawing up the ...

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