Public Private Partnerships and the Poor Experiences with water provision in four low-income barrios in Buenos Aires

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Published: January 2002
Product code:G00516

Part of the project series 'Public Private Partnerships and the Poor in Water and Sanitation' which aims to provide workable processes whereby the needs of the poor are promoted in strategies which encourage public-private partnerships (PPP)in the provision of water and sanitation services.

The concession for water and sanitation services in Buenos Aires was one of the first of a recent wave of PPPs, and remains one of the largest. The experience of Buenos Aires provides numerous insights into the opportunities for, and obstacles to harnessing the private sector to provide better services.

This report focuses on four low-income barrios where the local governments, the private utility (Aguas Argentinas)and civil society organisations collaborated to improve the provision of water and sanitation.

It draws heavily on the accounts of local leaders and residents, whos perspectives are often missing from the debates on privatisation.