Five years of building climate negotiators’ capacity: lessons from the field

The European Capacity Building Initiative (ecbi), launched in 2005, aims to build and sustain capacity among developing country negotiators in the UN climate change negotiations and foster trust between both developed and developing country negotiators.

IIED is a lead partner in ecbi with Oxford Climate Policy and Legal Response International, and works with strategic partners ENDA Energie and the Women’s Environment & Development Organization. IIED delivers the training and support programme, the most recent phase of which ran from November 2015 until May 2020.

ecbi gave me everything. You know how you go to a shop and you buy a bicycle? ecbi gave me the bike, the helmet, I have no excuses to not act. I’m expected to use it. – female training participant's workshop feedback

Here we review the past five years, reflecting on the lessons we have learned and how the programme has evolved.