FishNet: Inspiring action for sustainable fisheries

The FishNet online platform and Fish Night meetings offer two ways for people interested in sustainable fisheries to connect and inspire positive action for fisheries that work for today as well as the future.

2013 - ongoing
Annabelle Bladon

Senior researcher (fisheries), Shaping Sustainable Markets research group

Inclusive blue economy
A programme of work supporting resilient marine and coastal ecosystems and the millions of people who depend on them to thrive by aligning incentives with investments
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FishNet is an online community that brings together people with an interest in sustainable fisheries

Our FishNet Facebook page is a resource for people with an interest in sustainable fisheries and links them together: it's a space to highlight news, discuss key issues, share hard-earned lessons and promote future work.

FishNet started as a Ning community platform in 2013 but later relocated to Facebook. FishNet provides a space to link together researchers, activists, policymakers, academics, fishers and consumers. Followers can learn about research and events related to sustainable fisheries, and share their news with others around the world.

FishNet was first launched at one of the first of IIED's Fish Night meetings, which bring together people from academia, government, conservation and the media to discuss sustainable fisheries and oceans. These events are designed to:

  • Demystify complex theories and scientific findings: by making the findings accessible to policymakers and consumers, they can promote informed decision-making and fisheries literacy
  • Create space to share hard-earned lessons, and
  • Inspire change to create fisheries that work today and into the future.

Fisheries – what needs to change?

Marine ecosystems sustain the livelihoods of millions of people. But world fish stocks are running dangerously low.

We believe that there are success stories that need to be shared to encourage a shift from the widespread negative impressions about global fisheries, and promote a positive narrative based on innovation. We also believe there is a traditional gap between policymakers, researchers, producers and consumers that hinders discussion and knowledge sharing. This gap needs to be bridged.

Our aims

  • We want to create a positive narrative and put practical solutions and ideas before politics
  • We want to foster the sharing of ideas across borders, explore what fisheries have in common across the world and initiate community-based fisheries management
  • We want to demystify the complex ideas surrounding sustainable fisheries and encourage much-needed dialogue, and
  • Ultimately, we hope to increase consumer literacy regarding fisheries and inspire action for sustainable fisheries.

Get involved

We want to get as many individuals as possible interested in sustainable fisheries. The number of FishNet followers continues to grow steadily – why not visit FishNet on Facebook?