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From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, more than 300,000 people – from over 225 countries and territories – use every year. This makes our website a key instrument in our efforts to share research and influence decision-makers across the world.

World map – our website was viewed in 229 countries and territories

This is by no means the limit of our global online presence, however. We use a range of social networks and other digital tools to increase the availability and accessibility of our research, and engage and interact with people to share knowledge and bring policymakers and those most affected closer together. We also use our digital products to raise our profile and increase transparency and accountability.

In addition to, the communications team oversees or maintains around 20 more websites and networks, and we frequently offer our expertise to partner organisations.

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Watch interviews with researchers, animations and films featuring our work, including coverage of events and collections of related videos

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View and download presentations our researchers give about their work at conferences and workshops, and leave comments

View picture galleries focused on our work and events attended by our researchers, interact and use as a photographic resource

Listen to interviews with researchers, radio shows and other audio clips of up to 60 minutes

Watch high-quality films featuring our work, with a focus on our audiences in countries, such as China, where YouTube is unavailable

Discover collections of our work in visual form and track how our researchers engage with a global audience

Find our expert researchers on the academic networking site, interact with them and and view their publications

Connect with our work on mining and other energy issues on a specialist platform for better governance of extractive industries

Take an in-depth look at elements of our work using a specialised social storytelling tool

Ethiopia's Environment, Forest and Climate Change Commission

Media networks

2010 – current

A network to boost the quantity and quality of media coverage of biodiversity issues. It build bridges between journalists and sources of stories, news and interviews about biodiversity.

Website | Project page

2009 – current

An initiative to improve media coverage of climate change issues in developing countries. It includes a roster of experts available to talk to journalists about various aspects of climate change.

Website | Project page

2007 – current

A social network for journalists, scientists, press officers and others who communicate about research – whether on health, environment, water, energy, agriculture, sustainable development or communications.