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  • Finding the plot at COP15

    Barbara Kiser 11 December 2009

    Arriving at any big event in midflow is always disorienting: the play has begun and you’ve come in right after the interval.

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    Climate refugees of the future

    Pinaki Roy 30 April 2009

    Bangladesh is calling for the rights of environmental refugees to be recognised as the country battles rising sea levels and chronic poverty

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    Keeping the forests we've got

    Rachael van der Kooye 30 April 2009

    The conservation of forests in countries like Suriname with high forest cover and low deforestation rates is not a priority for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Yet forest people suffer enormously from the effects of climate change.

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    Just the beginning

    Camilla Toulmin 12 December 2008

    Yvo de Boer, who runs the UNFCCC secretariat, laid out clearly where we are with agreement on the text in his inimitable laconic style: ‘We are near to the end of putting things in and near to the beginning of taking things out.’

  • Thank you for the days...

    Barbara Kiser 10 December 2008

    Amid the debates swirling round this conference with cyclonic intensity is one very big question: how can the world’s most vulnerable countries adapt to climate change with such a serious shortfall in targeted funding? Oxfam estimates the task as demanding US$50 billion a year — some US$49 billion more than what’s actually available.

  • The world-changing power of serendipity

    Barbara Kiser 7 December 2008

    Lobbying — the pre- and post-negotiation discussions where much of the real action at global conventions happens — is a key activity for NGOs at the talks.

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    Ideas matter but time is short

    Camilla Toulmin 7 December 2008

    Under a bright blue sky, we spent the day perched on lecture hall benches in Poznan’s University. A one-day immersion on everything you need to know and more about forests and climate change.

  • In the belly of the articulated beast

    Barbara Kiser 7 December 2008

    So far, the Poznan COP is panning out nicely for memory stick collectors.

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    First impressions

    Camilla Toulmin 5 December 2008

    Long before dawn broke over London, I took an early train out to the airport and flight to Poznań. Chill mist was still rising off the fields as we landed, and temperatures below freezing...

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    Knowing your team mates

    Beth Henriette 4 December 2008

    You wouldn’t expect a football team that had never practiced together to play particularly well, would you?

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    Exchanging experiences

    Vanessa McLeod-Kourie 4 December 2008

    How does  IIED engage with, and learn from, participants at major conferences? Vanessa McLeod-Kourie explains

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    Welcome to Poznan

    Vanessa McLeod-Kourie 2 December 2008

    if you can get here….. We have all looked forward to this year’s UNFCCC event and hopeful of productive outcomes especially our friends and colleagues from developing countries.

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    Fingers up for Climate Action

    Mike Shanahan 2 December 2008

    I saw two people arguing today about whether biofuels could help save humanity from itself in a carbon-constrained world.

    Of course, they were both right, both wrong but neither knew it.