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  • Camilla Toulmin's picture

    First impressions

    Camilla Toulmin 5 December 2008

    Long before dawn broke over London, I took an early train out to the airport and flight to Poznań. Chill mist was still rising off the fields as we landed, and temperatures below freezing...

  • Beth Henriette's picture

    Knowing your team mates

    Beth Henriette 4 December 2008

    You wouldn’t expect a football team that had never practiced together to play particularly well, would you?

  • Vanessa McLeod-Kourie's picture

    Exchanging experiences

    Vanessa McLeod-Kourie 4 December 2008

    How does  IIED engage with, and learn from, participants at major conferences? Vanessa McLeod-Kourie explains

  • Vanessa McLeod-Kourie's picture

    Welcome to Poznan

    Vanessa McLeod-Kourie 2 December 2008

    if you can get here….. We have all looked forward to this year’s UNFCCC event and hopeful of productive outcomes especially our friends and colleagues from developing countries.

  • Mike Shanahan's picture

    Fingers up for Climate Action

    Mike Shanahan 2 December 2008

    I saw two people arguing today about whether biofuels could help save humanity from itself in a carbon-constrained world.

    Of course, they were both right, both wrong but neither knew it.