Off the beaten track: Urban Matters blog roll

Article, 24 November 2015

The Urban Matters blog highlights the work of organisations in Africa, Latin America and Asia. This page lists key blogs by some of our partners.

Digging the foundations for a new home in an informal settlement in Nairobi (Photo: April Rinne, Creative Commons via Flickr)

This blog showcases the work of the Asian Cities Climate Change Resilience Network (ACCCRN). IIED is a regional partner within ACCCRN, with the role of contributing to and strengthening the body of knowledge that informs urban climate change resilience.

Alternative Routes to Urban Density
This website is funded by IIED and is designed to address the challenges of urban density. It connects the viewer to IIED-funded research studies that address density issues.

An alternative Medellín story
This blog serves as a counterpoint to prevailing narratives about urban development in Medellín, Colombia. It gathers personal as well as community stories that shed light on how the city's transformation is shaping lived realities.

City Desired 
City Desired is a collaboration of the magazine CityScapes and the University of Cape Town's African Centre for Cities. The City Desired blog builds on an exhibition profiling 11 residents of Cape Town.

The urban geographer Colin McFarlane authors this opinionated blog. It covers topics including urban sanitation, infrastructure and politics.

Development Planning Unit 
Researchers affiliated with University College London's Development Planning Unit contribute to this blog. Posts are widely varied within the broad theme of urban development practice.

Making of Cities
This young blog is the brainchild of researcher Walter Fieuw, covering four themes: environment, planning, spaces, and the makers. It is a collaborative space that welcomes new contributors and the sharing of its content.

Manchester Policy Blogs: urban
This blog is written by University of Manchester researchers and others. It frequently covers UK urban issues.

New Urbanism
This blog by Oxfam gives a voice to policymakers, academics, thought leaders, and young people on how to shape our urban future. Its purpose is to highlight some of the urban development challenges especially confronting Asian cities, and suggest innovative solutions to deal with them.

This blog appears in multiple languages and draws on the work of Women in Informal Employment: Globalising and Organising. Thematic areas include statistics, livelihoods and global advocacy.

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