Lessons from Luangwa: The story of the Luangwa Integrated Resource Development project, Zambia.

Reports/papers (non-specific)
, 354 pages
PDF (1.89 MB)
Published: April 2003
Wildlife and Development
ISBN: 9781843692256
Product code:9079IIED

This unique review is a rare project stock-taking that provides a history of the LIRDP from pre-conception until now. It shows how the project has evolved and where it has failed to do so during a period when considerable changes have been occurring in Zambia in both the political and economic structures and in conservation thinking.

The review aims to serve three functions. First, it draws together all of the key historical information about the project in one document and explains how and why changes were made in scope, aims, and construct, and discusses constraints and challenges. Second, it synthesises key data from the different sub-sections of LIRDP, particularly on the project’s impacts. Third, it makes comparisons with other similar programmes in Zambia and elsewhere in Southern Africa, and draws important lessons (backed by detailed evidence) that have value to community-based natural resource management throughout the region as well as internationally.