Living Off Biodiversity: Exploring livelihoods and biodiversity issues in the natural resources management

Issue paper
, 269 pages
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Published: January 2001
Biodiversity and Livelihoods Issue Papers
ISBN: 9781899825677
Product code:7823IIED

This book attempts to explore different natural resource sectors and to identify possibilities for mainstreaming the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity into these sectors but without compromising livelihoods in the process. ~It advocates leveraging incremental change within the existing natural resource sectors through research, policy change, development and demonstration of alternative approaches. There are six chapters that discuss these issues in the forestry, agricultural, livestock and fisheries sectors and within rangelands. A discussion on insect diversity and livelihoods also constitutes a separate chapter. The whole book is framed by an introduction and macro-economic perspective on how to start to resolve the conflicts between conservation and development.