PLA Notes 24: Critical Reflections from Practice

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Published: October 1995
Participatory Learning and Action
ISBN: 9781843692683
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This special issue of PLA Notes brings together social anthropologists, policy makers, NGO development workers, economists, ecologists and trainers to reflect critically on the practice of PRA. This issue includes:

An editorial reflecting on the practice of PRA.
~An introduction to PRA and Social Anthropology:

An article outlining four areas of concern in current PRA practice.

An article about the relationship between anthropology and PRA.

A paper on using PRA and anthropological research with Bhutanese refugees in Nepal.

A paper on social analysis in the Kribhco Indo-British Rainfed Farming Project in India

A paper on the role of PRA in addressing inequality, arguing that participatory methods themselves contribute little to an emancipatory process.

An article about issues that remain unspoken, based on a PRA workshop in Uganda.

An artcile on conflict and the skills required to deal with it, in the context of two FAO projects in Guinea and Tanzania.

An article on conflict management and PRA using examples from India where the use of PRA has generated conflict

A paper on inking PRA-based research to policy in the context of an ActionAid project on children's roles in development.

An article discussing the problems and opportunities presented by the increasing use of PRA on a large scale.

A paper on Sri Lanka's North Western Province Dry Zone Participatory Development Project.

A paper on participatory approaches in Save the Children Fund, UK.

An article about the development of PRA in Francophone West Africa

A paper on merits of RRA and conventional methods for longer-term research, based on work in Benin.

A paper looking at how far the visual language of PRA can be considered to be neutral and empowering for non-literate people.

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